My name is Emma and I'm a 20-something year old photo-grapher, living my best life in the great city of Baltimore, Maryland. My passion is photographing wild and free spirits and making them feel as comfortable as possible while doing so. Anyone who steps foot in front of my lens is a new friend and it is my goal to be your biggest hype girl while we're together! I dream of one day owning a little cottage with a huge, luscious garden and a stream out back, and spending my days decorating and creating a home of my own. I'm the youngest of 3 and the only child who is not married (family events are always super fun:), and I currently live in a 120 year old house with my cousin!

I started taking photos when I was in eighth grade and originally said I had no interest in portrait photography! When I entered high school I began taking photography classes, learning about film and all the technicalities of cameras and photography. The more I learned the more I was drawn to portrait photography and I second shot a wedding for the first time as a senior in high school (fun fact, I actually skipped school for the wedding because it was on a Friday!). 

After high school I attended my local community college for a year, I took photography and marketing courses only to discover I was learning more on the weekends second shooting weddings and high school seniors. After my first year of community college, I decided to take a break and focus on my photography while also working part time. Little did I know I'd never end up going back to college! (well theres still time ;). 

At the young age of 19 I moved out of my parents house and off to Baltimore City, I was still working part time in Annapolis but after a few months I started working at a local boutique in Baltimore that would end up being a huge turning point in my personal and business life! I quickly began taking photos for Brightside Boutique and after 2.5 years as a sales associate and photographer, I took over the position of E-Commerce manager and photographer! I've learned so much photographing for a boutique for the last 4 years and it has made fashion photography become one of my greatest passions. 

I aspire to one day travel the world photographing couples in love or photographing for large fashion companies and celebrities. Wherever my photography takes me, I can't wait to see how it continues to change me and shape me as a person and an artist!


every moment matters.