Maine Day 1

It's about time I blog some Maine photos! A few friends and I flew down to Maine on August 15th and spent 3 days taking photos, eating amazing food, and having some great laughs. I mentioned earlier in the year that I hoped to travel more and this was such an amazing experience. It was totally out of my comfort zone, using my own funds to travel without anyone from my family and plan our own trip, I had never done anything like that! I'm so glad I went on this trip, I got even closer to these girls and I got to see some of the most beautiful places. 

I hope to go back one day, 3 days in Maine just isn't enough! I already miss waking up everyday and getting ready for photoshoots and eating amazing food for every meal. I'm ready to plan my next trip!

Our first stop was Manchester, NH cause thats where our flight landed. We drove to an adorable cafe to meet up with one of Brooke's friends from when she lived in NY. After eating we waited no time before taking photos (who's surprised?). There was a gorgeous red wall that was calling Tori's name, hydrangea bushes, and even the steps of the cafe were gorgeous!  

Our next stop was Kennebunk beach. As we were almost half way through out 1.5 hour drive to our Airbnb Brooke saw signs for a beach, so we followed the signs not know what kind of beach we were even driving to! When we parked we were so in love we immediately pulled our suitcases from the trunk and threw on some whimsical outfits. We sure got some strange looks, everyone was enjoying a lovely beach day and we walk up in flowy skirts and dresses. A few people came up and asked if we were shooting for magazines, nope, just a few creatives from Maryland, don't mind us!

Photos by  Olivia Reed

Photos by Olivia Reed

Photo by  Brooke Michelle

Ladies in order: