Tara and Yuliya for Brightside

I blogged?!?! I know, I'm just as shocked as your are, but once you see this shoot you'll understand why I came out of the shadows. This was my first time shooting with Yuliya and Tara, it was a summer lookbook for Brightside Boutique. We adventured around Rawlings Conservatory then headed to the outside garden once we were kicked out of the inside gardens. 

I wanted this shoot to kick off the "relaunch" of my blog because it was one of my favorites! I wanted my trip to Jumonville to be my first post but I really felt like this shoot motivated me more to begin blogging. Working with these girls was amazing, they both know exactly how to move in front of the camera, it made my job too easy! I have another shoot with Yuliya lined up to blog in the future so keep an eye out for that!

summer-styled-shoot-baltimore-maryland-boutique- rawlings-conservatory-emma-jean-photo_0011.jpg
summer-styled-shoot-baltimore-maryland-boutique- rawlings-conservatory-emma-jean-photo_0013.jpg

Boutique: Brightside Boutique

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