solar power

If you’ve heard of Lorde I’m sure you picture a 16 year old with curly hair, dark lips, and a cool Tumblr page. 

I grew up with Lorde, I discovered her right when she dropped her first EP and it was only 5 songs. She’s more than a popstar to me she is an outlet, a muse, almost like a friend.

She recently came out of her “hibernation” she takes in-between studio albums, she goes off the gird for a few years, lives her life, has experiences so she can write songs about them. When she comes back it’s this overwhelming wave of emotions. New songs, new music videos, new experiences.

When Lorde’s first single from her new album “Solar Power” dropped, she released a music video as well, if you haven’t watched it yet I recommend you do so before continuing

After seeing this work of art I knew I wanted to do a photoshoot inspired by it and I just so happened to be traveling to a place that would make that possible only a week or so later. 

All of this rambling about my relationship with Lorde and her music to present to you the shoot inspired by none other than the Solar Power music video. I could probably go on for hours about how Lorde and her music has impacted my life and my art, but it’s currently 1am and I’m listening to the new album in my candlelit living room. I’ll spare you all for now, stream Solar Power.


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